Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Benjamin Ambrosio - What are Intelligence Operations?

Benjamin Ambrosio engaged in many intelligence operations over his long career as a police officer for the New York City Police Department. He spent over ten years working as a law enforcement officer for his community in the Bronx and Brooklyn. Over his long career, he has assisted in gathering intelligence on many crimes and criminals over his precinct and beyond. What do these operations usually entail for local law enforcement entities and agents in the field and how to they help law enforcement agencies?

Benjamin AmbrosioThe process by which information is collected depends on the government entity doing the collecting. For Benjamin Ambrosio, this means keeping tabs on street gangs and illegal urban activities. Local law enforcement agencies usually track criminals by focusing on certain local areas known to have high levels of illegal activity. Sometimes covert informants are used to gather intelligence on known criminals by getting information from trusted insiders in potential criminal organizations. Local police agencies also you a variety of legal surveillance techniques to gather intelligence from known criminals and the groups they work for. Intelligence operations on this scale usually involve watching and waiting from a distance until a crime has been committed before law enforcement officers move in.

Benjamin Ambrosio participated in several intelligence operations over the years working to serve the public. For him and for other law enforcement agents, gathering intelligence about the people in their communities and the people who could hurt them is an integral and important part of the job.