Friday, 29 July 2016

Benjamin Ambrosio - Tips for Beginning Cooks

Cooking can be a scary endeavor, especially for those you have never done it before. Benjamin Ambrosio, a New York City police officer, loves spending time in the kitchen but knows that even the simplest of recipes build on simple cooking techniques that are essential for creating an amazing meal. To help save you time and money in the kitchen, here are some basic cooking techniques to integrate into your everyday life.
Benjamin Ambrosio
  • To reduce bacon shrinkage, run cold water over it before frying.
  • When boiling eggs, add some vinegar or a little salt to the water to ensure the egg remains in the shell if it cracks. 
  • To ripen fruit and vegetables, place them in a brown paper bag and place the bag in a dark cupboard for a few days. 
  • To save time making a salad, cut iceberg lettuce into wedges instead of tearing. 
  • To lower the acid taste in spaghetti sauce, add a small amount of bicarbonate soda to the sauce.
  • To keep corn tasting great, place it directly into boiling water for three minutes and avoid adding salt to the water.
  • Freeze cheese for twenty-five minutes before grating, it will help it shred much easier. 
  • To make pancakes brown quicker, add a small amount of sugar to the battle. 
  • For a flakier pie crust, substitute one teaspoon of vinegar for one tablespoon of the cold water called for.
These basic cooking tips will help make your life in the kitchen more enjoyable. Benjamin Ambrosio, a police officer, uses cooking to help him relax after a long day on the job.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Benjamin Ambrosio - Three Ways to Reduce Crime in Your Neighborhood

Crime is something that people all over the world have to deal with, no matter where they live. While it may seem overwhelming, Benjamin Ambrosio, a police officer on the New York City Police Department, knows that there are certain things people can do to help manage crime in their community. You can make positive changes in your neighborhood by simply taking action.

Benjamin Ambrosio
Keeping yourself in the know is a great way to help reduce crime in your neighborhood. Know your neighborhood. Start by talking to your neighbors and getting to know them better. To help you know when something is wrong, learn the normal happenings of your neighborhood. Look online to see the criminal activity near you and contact the local police department to see if they can provide you with local crime statistics.

By working with local law enforcement agencies, you can help keep them informed about your neighborhood. They can also help you by providing you support and educating those in your community on ways to prevent crime. To keep your relationship in good standing, remember if you don’t have an emergency, don’t call the emergency line.

If you live in a crime-ridden neighborhood, use the media to focus attention on the problem. You can use the media to publicize community events and promote public education, as well as exposing crimes in poorly patrolled areas.

Reducing crime in your neighborhood doesn’t have to be a full-time job for you or your neighbors. Simply being more aware of what is going on and working with local law enforcement agents like Benjamin Ambrosio, can go a long way to reducing neighborhood crime.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Benjamin Ambrosio - Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

One of the most important life skills that can be learned is effective communication. Benjamin Ambrosio is a police officer in New York City and knows how important it is to be able to communicate clearly. Here are some essential tips to learn how to communicate more clearly.
Benjamin Ambrosio
  • Be cognizant of your body language. Your non-verbal cues often reveal more than you might think they do. It is important not to forget that you are constantly communicating even when you haven’t spoken a word.
  • To be more persuasive, cut out the unnecessary conversation fillers from your speech. When you use words like, “um” and “ah” you are doing very little to improve everyday conversations.
  • Have a script prepared for small talk? Always have a plan for conversation for those inevitable awkward silences that happen with people you don't know. Think about information that you can share that might help you find common ground with the other person.
  • Ask questions and repeat the last few words of what the other person has said. This shows that you have an interest in what is being said and helps to clarify points that you may have misunderstood.
  • Put away any distractions. When you are supposed to be hanging out with someone, put away the phone and pay attention to the person you are with.
Improving your communication skills is not a difficult process, it just takes time and practice. Benjamin Ambrosio is constantly working on his communication skills, which are essential for his position as a police officer.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Benjamin Ambrosio - Important Techniques to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Qualities such as assertiveness, intelligence, adaptability, and conscientiousness are all important leadership skills. As a police officer, Benjamin Ambrosio has become a great leader at the New York City Police Department and is always working on ways to improve his skills. Here are eleven tips to help you improve your own leadership skills so you can become a better leader to those around you. 
                                                     Benjamin Ambrosio
  • Take the time to share your vision and goals with everyone on your team. Your job as a leader is to provide your team with a clear path they can follow. 
  • Be passionate about what you are doing. Find different ways in which you can express your passion to your team. Let them know that you care about how they are progressing. 
  • Serve as a role model for others. To become a better leader, work on modeling the qualities that you want to see in your team members. 
  • Always maintain a positive attitude and look on the bright side of life. 
  • Improve your communication skills. You need to be able to clearly communicate your goals, vision, and intentions.
  • Learn from your failures and weaknesses. The key to success as a leader is to learn from your mistakes and communicate your weaknesses to your team.
Great leaders are always able to demonstrate effective leadership skills, and more importantly are always working to improve themselves. Benjamin Ambrosio is a police officer in New York City and is always looking for ways to improve himself and his leadership skills.