Thursday, 27 October 2016

Benjamin Ambrosio -Tips For Thinking Like A Chef

Benjamin Ambrosio

Benjamin Ambrosio is a talented amateur chef who takes advantage of any opportunity that he has to cook. He has developed considerable skill over the years thanks to practice and dedication to the art of cooking. He is also capable of thinking like a chef, which is something anybody who wants to build on their cooking skills must be able to do. The following are ways you can do just that.


If you go into your cooking feeling tense you will often find that you make more mistakes. Relax a little and enjoy the experience. Consider putting some music on and get into the flow of cooking, rather than trying to force everything to be perfect.

Understand The Recipe

Preparation is a key aspect of cooking, so it is important that you have read the recipe thoroughly and understand what is required to make the dish. Have your ingredients ready ahead of time and don’t do anything the recipe doesn’t tell you to unless you are completely confident that you will see good results.

Measure Properly

Poor measurements will often ruin the taste and complexion of the dish. Make sure all of your measurements are completely accurate and don’t approximate.

Pay Attention

Don’t pay attention to the old adage that “a watched pot never boils.” You should watch what you are doing, rather than setting a timer and hoping for the best. This will allow you to react quickly if something doesn’t go according to plan, potentially saving the dish.

Benjamin Ambrosio has a passion for cooking.